25 Things To Do On The Avenues

1) Quick lunch at Lemonade - because you can be in and out faster than at Taco Bell with a beyond healthy and delicious lunch when in a rush

2) Weekend trip to Anawalt Lumber - you have to love the convenience of their location for things you would normally have to run to several stores to find. It also feels like a small town hardware store “where everyone knows your name”

3) Emergency wine runs at Du Vin - they have curbside delivery!

4) Cocktails at Cecconi’s - Hollywood glamour, the nicest staff, and a beautiful atmosphere to meet friends

5) Massages at Kinara - what a way to relax after a day of designing, shopping, and walking on The Avenues

6) Egg white omelets at Ed’s - breakfast the way it was meant to be done

7) Stop and get your roots done at Marco Pelusi Hair Studio - the best color in town

8) Get an “instant facelift” with incredible temporary lashes at Makeup Mandy - who has time for plastic surgery!?

9) Breakfast at Cecconi’s - free valet parking!

10) Shopping like a “Rock Star” at Maxfield...

11) Creative inspiration at Ann Sacks

12) Late afternoon coffee at Kaffe Wien - you never know what celebrity you might run into at this low key European style coffee shop

14) Experience the Washlet toilet at Toto, the new evolution clean - this one might speak for itself….

15) Chopped salad at Melrose Bar & Grill

16) Coffee, people watching and the best pumpkin pie in Los Angeles at Urth Caffe

17) Shop for the latest “It” bags at Balenciaga

18) Browsing for party invitations at Soolip - Wanda will help you create the most beautiful and stylish invite to set the tone for your event.

19) Custom fittings at Le Bra - as Oprah says, you’re nothing without a bra that fits properly!

20) Shoe shopping at Christian Louboutin -  the new Barbi Collection is a must see

21) Red Seven at The Pacific Design Center - who knew you could get a delicious Wolfgang Puck meal at this hidden gem within the Blue Whale

22) Brunch and caviar at Petrossian Paris

23) Get the perfect gift for your “boy” at Alpha and your “girl” at Coco de Mer

24) The extra large beds at Phyllis Morris - it’s so big, you could have a dinner party catered by neighbor, Sur, on it if they would let you...


25) Talk Kitchen "talk" at Hub of the House