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The Avenues Business Directory
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Food & Drink


3.1 phillip lim

631 N. Robertson Blvd.

655 Home

655 North Robertson Blvd

A Squared Group

634-B N. Robertson Blvd

Aboriginal Dreamtime Fine Art Gallery

9011 Melrose Ave

Adidam Spiritual Center & Bookstore

8572 Melrose Avenue

Alberta Ferretti

8626 Melrose Ave.


313 N Robertson Blvd

Alexandra Von Furstenberg

9001 Melrose Ave


148 N Wetherly Dr.


8625 Melrose Ave

Altman's Elegant Bathroom Fixtures

8955 Beverly Blvd

Amadi Carpets

408 N Robertson Blvd

Anawalt Lumber Company

641 N Robertson Blvd

Andre Salon

152 N. Wetherly Dr.

Andy Lecompte Salon

616 N. Almont Dr.


645 N. Robertson Blvd.

Ann Sacks

8935 Beverly Blvd

Anne Hauck Art Deco

8738 Melrose Ave

Ariana Rugs Inc.

666 N Robertson Blvd

Armani Exchange

157 N Robertson Blvd

Art Services Melrose

626 N Almont Dr


9006 Beverly Blvd

Artisian De Luxe

8574 Melrose Ave

Aurelia Adrian Salon

148 N. Wetherly Dr.


8670 Melrose Avenue

Baltus Collection

9000 Beverly Blvd.

Barker Black

450 N Robertson Blvd


8620 Melrose Avenue

Bel Bambini

464 N Robertson Blvd

Between the Sheets

370 N Robertson Blvd

Beverly Nails

9001 Beverly Blvd.

Beyond the Fringe

9006 Rosewood Ave.


8570 Melrose Ave.

Bodhi Tree Bookshop

8585 Melrose Ave


8680 Melrose Ave


8783 Beverly Blvd

Bristol Farms

9039 Beverly Boulevard

Brueton L.A.

8521 Melrose Ave.


8744 Melrose Ave

Cappellini Los Angeles

8950 Beverly Blvd

Carine Letessier

606 Westmount Drive

Carl Marias Carpet Design

8784 Beverly Blvd

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

405 N. Robertson


8815 Beverly Blvd.


8764 Melrose Ave

Charlie The Tailor

9003 Beverly Blvd

Christian Louboutin

650 N. Robertson Blvd.

Christopher Peacock Cabinetry

400 N Robertson Blvd

Christopher Rogers Florist

464 N Doheny Blvd

Chrome Hearts

600 N Robertson Blvd


655 North Robertson Blvd

Classic Artforms

9009 Beverly Blvd

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

8793 Beverly Boulevard

Community Store @ Commune

650 N. Robertson Blvd., Suite 1

Cossette Productions, Inc

8899 Beverly Blvd., Suite 603

Country Floors

8735 Melrose Ave


8826 Melrose Ave.


8500 Melrose Ave Suite 105


154 N. Robertson Blvd.

Custom Comfort Mattress

8919 Beverly Blvd


8899 Beverly Blvd

Daniel Cuevas Designer

513 N Robertson Blvd

David Jones Custom Florist

450 N. Robertson Blvd

ddc domus design collection

8806 Beverly Blvd

Decorative Carpets Inc.

8906 Melrose Avenue

Denenberg Fine Arts

417 N. San Vicente Blvd

Dennis & Leen

8720 Melrose Ave

Design around Objects (DAO)

8767 Beverly Blvd

Diesel L.A. Showroom

662 N Robertson Blvd


8801 Beverly Blvd

Doheny Dry Cleaners

9020 Beverly Blvd., Unit A

Dolce & Gabbana

147 N Robertson Blvd


8715 Beverly Boulevard

Dominique Cohen

501 N Robertson Blvd

Douglas Stanton Architects

401 N Robertson Blvd

DSI Entertainment Systems

653 N Robertson Blvd

Du Vin Wine & Spirits

540 San Vicente Boulevard

Duxiana Los Angeles

8817 Beverly Blvd

Earl McGrath Gallery

454 N Robertson Blvd

Ed's Coffee Shop

460 N Robertson

Effrey's Custom Dry Cleaners

8917 Melrose Ave

Elisabeth Weinstock Design

9021 Melrose Ave., Suite 309

Elizabeth Dinkel Design Associates, Inc.

554 Norwich Drive

Epicurean School/Culinary Arts

8500 Melrose Ave

Evolve Wellness

607 N. Huntley Dr.

Fantastic Sam's

466 N. Doheny Dr.

Fat Fish

616 N Robertson


308 N Robertson Blvd

Ferguson Bath & Kitchen

8532 Melrose Ave

Filmore Clark

607 N. West Knoll Dr.


8732 Melrose Ave

Foundry Lighting

9011 Beverly Blvd

George Stern Fine Arts

8920 Melrose Ave

Glass Garage Fine Art Gallery

414 N Robertson Blvd

Goldsmith and Klein

511 N Robertson Blvd

Grange Furniture

457 N. Robertson Blvd.

Green Birds Treasures, Inc.

9009 Beverly Blvd.

Guy Hepner

300 N Robertson Blvd

Guys and Dolls Lounge

8713 Beverly Boulevard


474 N. Robertson Blvd.


8933 Beverly Blvd

Hamilton-Selway Fine Art

8678 Melrose Ave

Hastens On Beverly

8827 Beverly Blvd.


640 N Robertson Boulevard

Hendrix Allardyce Interior Design Collection

8721 Beverly Blvd

Henry Beguelin

8575 Melrose Ave

Hollywood Foreign Press Association

646 N Robertson Blvd

Hub Of The House Kitchens

420 N Robertson Blvd

Icon Gallery and Swoon Lighting

8899 Beverly Blvd

Il Piccolino

350 N Robertson

Inner Gardens, Inc.

8925 Melrose Ave

International Flooring

451 N Robertson Blvd

Intralink Film Graphic Design

155 N La Peer Dr

J Gerard Design Studio and Peace Gallery

8575 Melrose Ave

J Robert Scott

8737 Melrose Ave

J.J. Custom

641 N La Peer Dr

James Perse

8914 Melrose Ave

Janet Yonaty

8642 Melrose Ave., Suite 101

Jay Wolf

517 N Robertson Blvd., Suite 100

Jenni Kayne

614 N. Almont Drive

Jennifer Convertibles & Leather

8751 Beverly Blvd

John Varvatos

8800 Melrose Ave

Jules Seltzer Associates

8833 Beverly Blvd


313 N Robertson Blvd

Kathryn Ireland

636 N. Almont Dr.

Ken Paves Salon

409 N Robertson Blvd

KENZO Mansion

314A N Robertson Blvd

Kinara Spa

656 N Robertson Blvd

Kitson Melrose

8590 Melrose Ave

Kitson Men

146 N Robertson Blvd

Kitson Studio

144 N. Robertson Blvd.


8619 Melrose Ave

La Murrina

8925 Beverly Blvd

Le Bra Lingerie

634 N Robertson Blvd

Le Pain Quotidien

8607 Melrose Avenue


9001 Beverly Boulevard

Leonard's Cleaners

8901 Melrose Ave

Les Pommettes

158 N Robertson Blvd

Ligne Roset by Linea

8841-8849 Beverly Blvd

Lily Lodge

644 N Robertson Blvd

Logan Riese

517 N Robertson Blvd

Louis Stern Fine Arts

9002 Melrose Ave

Lulur Day Spa

642 1/2 N Robertson Blvd


612 N Almont Dr


8897 Beverly Boulevard


8552 Melrose Ave

Manny Silverman Gallery

619 Almont Dr

Mansour Fine Rugs

8600 Melrose Ave

Marco Pelusi Hair Studio

636 N. Robertson Blvd, Unit B

Martin & Lozano Gallery

302 N. Robertson Blvd.


8825 Melrose Ave

Maxfield Gallery

8818 Melrose Ave

Mayfair House

8844 Beverly Blvd.

Melrose Bar & Grill

8826 Melrose Ave

Miki Sharon

642 N. Robertson Blvd.


8955 Beverly Blvd

Minotti Los Angeles

8936 Beverly Blvd


8731 Melrose Ave

MOCA at the P.D.C.

8687 Melrose Ave

Modern Living

8923 Beverly Blvd

Murray's Ironworks

8632 Melrose Ave

Nails and More

468 Doheny Drive

Nishimura Japanese Cuisine

8684 Melrose Ave

Oliver Tolentino

9003 Melrose Ave

Oscar Generale Productions

9021 Melrose Ave, #202

Pacific Oriental Rugs

8609 Melrose Ave

Paul-Jean Hair Designer

458 North Robertson Blvd.


508 N. Doheny Drive

Petit Tresor

634 1/2 N Robertson Blvd

Petrossian Paris

321 N. Robertson Boulevard

Phyllis Morris Original

655 North Robertson Blvd

Platt Boutique Jewelry

8763 Rosewood Ave.

Poet Design Company

8760 Dorrington Ave

Point de Vue

152 N Wetherly Dr


8818 Beverly Blvd

Positano Sandalo

8574 Melrose Ave

Ralph's Market

9040 Beverly Blvd.

Raphael Salon

647 N Robertson Blvd

Rebecca Molayem Gallery

306 N. Robertson Blvd.

Regen Projects

633 N Almont Dr


145 N Robertson Blvd

RetroSpecs & Co.

363 N Robertson

Richard Shapiro Antiques

8905 Melrose Ave

Robert Kuo

8686 Melrose Ave

Robert Matt Salon

9009 Beverly Blvd

Roche Bobois

8850 Beverly Blvd

Ron Kates & Associates

503 N Robertson Blvd

Rose Tarlow Melrose House

8540 Melrose Ave

Rosh Antiques

8523 Melrose Ave

Rudin Donner Design, Inc.

9009 Beverly Blvd.

Ruth's Skin Care

8500 Melrose Ave.

Samuel's Rug Gallery

8636 Melrose Ave

Sebastien's Pilates Plus

8500 Melrose Ave 104

Second Time Around Watch Co.

8763 Rosewood Ave.

Seyhoun Gallery

9007 Melrose Ave


8568 Melrose Ave

Sielian's Vintage Apparel

9013 Melrose Ave

Snaidero Los Angeles

370 N Robertson Blvd


8790 Beverly Blvd

Soolip Paperie & Press

8646 Melrose Ave

Stafford Commercial Real Estate

356 N Robertson Blvd

Starbucks Coffee #5871

164 N Robertson

Steinway Piano Gallery

314 N. Robertson Blvd.

Stella McCartney

8823 Beverly Blvd

Steven Alan

638 N. Robertson Blvd.


627 N. Robertson Ave.

Sur Restaurant & Grill

606 N Robertson Boulevard

Tasende Gallery

8808 Melrose Ave

The Abbey

692 N. Robertson Boulevard

The Club Beverly Hills

632 N Almont Dr

The Melrose Project

8674 Melrose Ave

Tod Carson Antiques & Design

449 N Robertson Blvd


606 N Almont Dr

Training Grounds for Life

421 N Robertson Blvd

Trigg Ison Fine Art

9009 Beverly Blvd

Urth Caffe'

8565 Melrose Boulevard


8818 Beverly Blvd


8909 Melrose Ave

Villa Lounge

8623 Melrose Avenue

Waldo's Designs

620 Almont Dr

Walker & Zanger West Coast

8750 Melrose Ave


8580 Melrose Ave

Westwood Carpets

8811 Beverly Blvd

Wetherly Cleaners

8764 Beverly Blvd

Wired Designs

8607 Melrose Ave

Zykoff Bodywork & Hypnotherapy

9009 Beverly Blvd.
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